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The Orthogonal™ Attribution Engine is the first offering from FundAttribution, a company founded in 2013.

Fund Attribution's mission is to serve the needs of investors, large and small, by delivering objective and actionable analytics. We have no other lines of business which conflict with that goal.

Orthogonal offers asset allocators and investors a revolutionary tool to evaluate the value delivered by asset managers.  Misallocation of resources among managers costs investors $70 billion per year in the US mutual fund space alone.

Based on proprietary algorithms, Orthogonal decomposes historic returns into a number of dimensions to determine whether the manager is adding value against customized, adaptive benchmarks constructed using the most relevant available passive indices. Orthogonal also distinguishes managers who outperform based on superior investment selection within a defined strategy versus the impact of deviations from the peer group as well as shifts over time in portfolio strategy and composition.

The company is also developing a proprietary database geared to the evaluation of US equity-oriented managers. The service is delivered on a web-based platform which allows users to:

  • Perform in-depth analyses of individual funds
  • Compare managers using customized criteria
  • Screen for superior managers meeting specified criteria


Customized analyses are available upon request



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The founder combines statistical training with extensive investment management experience at mutual fund and hedge funds.


Leigh Walzer


Mr. Walzer has over 25 years of experience in the investment management industry as a portfolio manager and investment analyst. He received an AB in Statistics from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard University.